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Public Computer Centers (PCC): Home

A guide for our Public Computer Center partners.



Welcome to the High Plains Library District's resource page for our Public Computer Center partners.  You'll find answers to common questions and helpful links to library resources here.

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Issuing a Library Card


Top Questions Received Daily in the Lab

1.  How do I access the computers?

Bring your library card with you, or sign up for a new card, if you don’t already have one.  To access the computer, you just type in your library card number.

2.  I cannot login to the computer.

If you have made sure that the number on the card matches up with the number you typed on the computer and you still cannot gain access, then there is likely a logistical problem with your account.  Please call 1-888-861-READ (7323) to speak with a library representative.

3.  Can I print?

Yes, a small fee is charged to print.  Costs vary per site.

4.  Can I extend the time left on my computer?

Unfortunately, there is not a way extend the allotted hour on the computers at this time.  Please make sure to save all your work prior to the end of the session.  You will receive alerts as the end of your session approaches.

5.  Can I reserve a computer in advance?

Unfortunately, this is not an available function at this time.

6.  I get a blocked message when accessing certain sites.

To protect the computer and others in the lab, some sites are blocked.  Please ask a staff member for assistance to unblock a site.

7.  Can I download iTunes on these computers?

In order to preserve the safety of these computers for all patrons, most software and all executable files cannot be downloaded or opened on these computers. 

9.  Can you help me with my resume/with this database/other library-related function?

We can work with the resources to the best of our knowledge, but library staff will be better able to help with these resources.  Please fill out a Computer Help Appointment request and turn it into the service desk, fill out the form online, or contact 1-888-861-READ (7323).



Book a Librarian!

Want to know more about computers, e-readers, web applications or anything tech-related? The Book a Librarian service offers you a free 30-minute appointment with an expert, at one of our many locations.
Click here to Book a Librarian.

If you’ve attended a class or have had a Book a Librarian appointment, please take a moment to evaluate this service in English or Spanish.

Patron Rights and Responsibilities

A copy of HPLD's Patron Rights and Responsibilities from our 2011 Policy Manual for your reference.  To see the complete policy manual please send an email to

Don't See It?

Don't see the answer you're looking for?  Email or call 888-861-READ (7323) for further assistance.