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Book Lovers Central: 2010 Archives - Teen

Find your next favorite book with these resources for readers.

Novels in Verse


Are you a fan of Ellen Hopkins?  Did you like Sharon Creech's Love That Dog?  Or Karen Hesse's Out of the Dust?  Try some of these novels in verse!


Tasty Books


April 1st is the edible books festival!  Celebrate by eating a book-themed treat and reading one of these books about food.

Women's History Month


March is Women's History Month, and the perfect opportunity to learn about some of the less-famous women throughout time.  These books will give you a glimpse into the lives of some amazing women.  (Plus, they're a perfect starting point for all of those pesky school essays!)

  The Party's Over

You know that feeling?  Like the world is ending when you: get broken up with/get grounded/are forced to eat the school lunch?  Well, it could be worse.  In these books, the world as we know it actually is ending.

    Lend Me Your Ears


Summer Reading is beginning, and the Audio Publishers Association has named the best audiobooks of the year for teens.  What better way to spend the summer than enjoying a great book in the great outdoors?  Check out The Audies homepage for the complete list.

    Reading Suggestions You'll Love


Your local library is offering a new service!  Just fill out this form, and library staff will look high and low to find books that we think will fit your taste.  Here are a few that we've suggested for other people.  Get your own list today!

International Youth Day


August 12 is International Youth Day, and this year's theme is Dialogue and Mutual Understanding.  Join the United Nations in celebrating the youth of the world by reading an international book today!



September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.  Visit the Recovery Month website for information about local events, resources to help with addiction recovery, or tips on how to get help.  You can also visit your local library for recovery resources or to read one of these books about addiction and recovery.

(Book summaries taken from the catalog.)

Halloween Reads


It's October, and there's no better time to curl up beneath the covers with a really scary book.  Check out these chilling tales of ghosts, vampires, monsters, and more.

(Summaries taken from the catalog.)

Zombies vs. Unicorns!


It's time to pick sides.  Are you on the side of the zombies, or the side of the unicorns?  If you're not sure, check out Zombies vs. Unicorns for some strong arguments on both sides, written by bestselling teen authors.  If you've already picked, here are some great books featuring zombies, and some great books featuring unicorns.  Let the fight begin!

(Summaries taken from the catalog)


12/7/41 - The Anniversary of Pearl Harbor


December brings us the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  Learn about the events on this "day that will live in infamy," and the monumental effect they had on world history.


(Summaries taken from the catalog.)